Tester: Ehawee Slings Roots of Life Jasmine 6


BLEND: 50% ecru combed cotton, 50% tussah silk.
Medium weight

I was lucky to have to opportunity to test Roots of Life Jasmine from Ehawee Slings, and I certainly did not want to send it on, when our two weeks was up! <3 It has a soft ecru and old rose colour, and even though I’m usually not a fan of very light colours, this just worked. The pattern is gorgeous and in these colours, it is subtle, but creates a nice interaction between the colours.

When I received it, it was fully broken in and wonderfully soft and mouldable. I used it with both my toddler and my preschooler, and it carried both flawlessly. Even though it is thin in hand, because of the high amount of tussah, it is incredibly strong, and I did not find it diggy at all. The tussah nubs give a great grip, so that once I tied of, it did not go anywhere, even with my pre-schooler. I would have loved to try it with a smaller child as well, but I would without doubt recommend it from 6 months on.

It does not have a lot of bounce, but that is how I prefer my wraps, so that was only a bonus for me. It was perfect as a DH wrap, which is my preferred carry right now. The passes were easy enough to tighten, and stayed in place once the tightening was over. I would comfortable tie this off in a half-knot, though I always prefer the security of a double knot 😉

All in all, a very luxurious wrap, strong, mouldable, and can easily carry both toddlers and preschoolers. A wrap I wouldn’t mind having in my own personal stash ❤

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